Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The speedy approach of summer

Every year we get a hot few days some time in September, as if nature is teasing us and reminding us that a stinking hot summer is on the way. Today is one of those days. It's in the high 20s if not 30 degrees here at the moment, with a warm north west wind (in a normal world it would be in the low twenties). This is the kind of day that ends in a storm before or at sunset. My mother has a theory about such days - they are sent to destroy her magnificent azalea display. Her azaleas are looking just lovely at the moment, a riot of pale pinks, purples, and variegated pink and white. One particular pale pink one has a scent to die for, and it's planted near her front door so the smell wafts inside. We always joke about the wind and rain ravaging them when they're at their best.

Pic shows Penelope with the scented azalea - this bush is about 2metres/6 feet tall and wide.

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