Friday, September 4, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta do a POETS day...*

Today was the blissful kind of spring day when the air smells of floral scents and the sun on your back actually has a wee bit of warmth in it. Not a hugely blissful day for me to begin with, I'm having a bit of a health scare at the moment and went to see my doctor this morning. Results of tests on Monday so a nervous weekend for me.

To cheer me up my lovely husband, who drove me to the doctor's in case my mind wasn't wholly on the road and traffic, suggested we head out for lunch afterwards. As the doc was running an hour behind schedule and we were both famished by then, I thought it a fantastic idea so we spent two happy hours at a delightful pub in the pseudo-countryside ten minutes' drive from home.

It was almost four by the time we got home - time for a cuppa and realistically not much incentive to get back to work. So we didn't. I did a cursory check of my email, returned some phone calls and headed out into the back garden with my husband, the dog and the cats, watching storm clouds gather. (No day this warm this time of year is complete without some kind of meteorological change.) Picked some lavender to dry for the underwear drawers, pruned a salvia, and tried very hard not to think about test results and the implications if they aren't good.

The weekend is a continuation of this idyllic sunshine so I'll be making marmalade and riding my bike. We haven't decided which bike tracks we'll take this weekend. We've done Homebush Bay and Olympic Park the last two weekend rides and I'm happy to do them again as it's lovely cycling by the river. It'll take my my mind off Monday morning, which is a good thing. Fat lot of sleep I've had this week!

* POETS day: P*ss Off Early, Tomorrow's Saturday

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