Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh sugar!

I decided to do marmalade batch number 3 today and because our shopping centre is only a kilometre away, all I needed for the recipe was 2kg of sugar so it was a no brainer to ride Penelope there. I had very little cash on me, only coins and enough for the sugar, and didn't want to bother taking my wallet, my ATM card or anything else. I mean, who is going to EFTPOS $2.19 of sugar? I'm not even sure the supermarket will do an electronic transaction for such a small amount.
The wind was blowing a southwest gale, and a headwind at that as I rode to the shopping centre. Had to drop down a gear from my usual up the rises as the wind was so strong. Ugh; it was a hard slog despite the short distance.
Sugar procured, I headed happily back with a tailwind.
Until I hit the driveway of the train station car park I usually cut through.
There's a bump there, and the sugar went FLYING out of the basket and SPLAT on the driveway. Unrescuable. There was only a cup left in the bag, the rest was on the ground or already being caught and dispersed by the wind. A feast for the ants and local parrots however.
I cursed. There was no way I was turning back as I didn't have the cash or the ATM card, and that horrible headwind wasn't a pleasant thought. I cycled home with my depleted sugar and resorted to getting the car out, I'm ashamed to say. Time was getting on, the oranges were almost ready for the next stage in the process, and I mentally apologised for my carbon footprint.
Anyway Batch Three tastes great - finally.

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