Friday, September 25, 2009

Now the skies are clear again...

... we went for an early morning cycle before breakfast this morning. The sun is rising earlier now and it's light by 6am, so we were out on the bikes at about 6.30.

Not far from our house is a field with a couple of ponies in it. Being a horsey person from long ago I often stop for a chat and today was able to give them a couple of apples. The owners don't seem to mind them getting treats, and I'm mindful to only give them things that are good for them. So many people feed horses fresh bread and that's NOT good - it's an invitation to colic. Old, dry bread is OK though. Anyway, I digress.

I took Penelope for my ride this morning and I think that was probably a mistake. My body was low on fuel and I found the last half a kilometre quite hard going. I'll experiment tomorrow or the next day and take Petunia for a pre-breakfast ride instead.


  1. Maybe have a wee bit of something before you go, just to wake up your metabolism.

  2. I think so next time Sox! A banana or something. It's dusty here again this morning so we didn't ride - will wait until the dust clears this afternoon. Not as dramatic as Wednesday's sunrise, or as gritty when you walk outside, but rather hazy at the moment and not good to exercise in.