Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sweltering in sweaty Sydney - a shoes and marmalade diversion's about 35 outside and humid. I was going to cycle down to the shops but having gone outside for a few minutes to pour some water on my wilting garden, I decided to be a wimp and drive my husband's car. At least the aircon works in his. It's broken in mine and I can't afford to fix it at the moment. Isn't that always the way, you save up to fix something non-urgent and then something urgent, like medical bills, takes it all. Sigh.

Anyway because it's too hot and steamy to cycle, my post today is a diversion on my new pair of shoes...

...and my latest batch of marmalade.

The shoes are super for cycling in. I bought them last week, when we had some milder days, and tested them out riding Penelope. The little straps keep them firmly in place. They are lovely soft patent leather. The flower appliqued on there is suede. Nice.

The marmalade I made last Sunday - just the thing you want to do when the mercury is soaring towards 38 celsius or 100 on the Fahrenheit scale. Stick yourself in the kitchen hovering over a bubbling pan. No wonder I look hot in the face! This batch had two nips of scotch added just before adding the sugar for the final twenty minutes simmering. Taste? Divine!

I have enough oranges in the fridge to make one more batch. That should keep Himself going until next seville orange season and allow for sending bottles to friends and family around the world.


  1. Good for you.
    We didn't get summer this year. Tho' we did have a couple of nice weeks in September, and we certainly can't complain about the weather right now.
    Have fun!

  2. I'll send you some summer - here, catch!!! It's been another stinker here today but there's a storm outside right now and some rain, which might clear the air a bit. You're having a superbly mild autumn in Winnipeg, aren't you? :-)

  3. Those shoes are absolutely beautiful. The different colors and applique make them so interesting.