Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bah, humbug!

Today is the 7th of November... and already all the shopping malls have their Christmas decorations in place. T'other half and I aren't great on retail therapy; I do enjoy it more than he does, but neither of us is enamoured of big shopping malls. We prefer streets lined with shops, or markets. Anyhoo, this morning we had to hit the enormous Castle Towers shopping centre, as himself needed new boat shoes and chinos. I needed a fix from L'Occitane.

Castle Towers was glittering with tinsel and Christmas trees. To our astonishment a Christmas parade complete with brass band was noisily winding its way through the shops. We scratched our heads. We don't do anything about Christmas cheer and decorations until December in our house. Both of us have fond memories of prettily-decorated shops in December from earlier years, but the decorating and celebrating seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year in a quest to snaffle the retail dollar. By 25 December most people are heartily sick of Christmas. Especially when parades start in November.

I pity the parents who put up with pester power from now till Christmas Eve, with every Ho Ho HO and piped Christmas carol reminding the kids that Santa will be here soon - or rather, in several weeks. I do wonder whether the magic gets a bit dulled a month from now!

The Christmas spirit isn't just about retail. But after almost two months of tinselly shops and giant Christmas trees, you tend to forget the real meaning of the event, and fighting off shoppers, hostesses in fur and Santa hats (and remember we're coming into summer here!) and larger-than-life cartoon characters left right and centre is not conducive of goodwill towards all men.

Christmas happens in December. Not November. There. Grumpy Old Woman has spoken.


  1. I am aggravated by the early Xmas stuff as well. It used to be after Thanksgiving, but now after Halloween? In Vienna they are starting to set up the Christmas markets as well now. I think it may have to do with trying to boost the economy by getting people int he spirit early. But the timing really is becoming ludicrous.

  2. I know... it starts after our Labor Day weekend here in some cases, and Labor Day is the first Monday in October! Eeek! At least you have Halloween (for which promotion, I'm guessing, starts in about August) to stop Christmas promotion starting too early.
    Promotion for Valentine's Day starts early in the new year. Easter eggs are available in February. Grr.