Sunday, November 8, 2009

Marathon Man still didn't get it right

My other half bought a pair of Schwalbe Marathons this week for his road bike. Like me he got them mail order and then took them down to the bike shop for fitting.
Now they were replacing fairly new tyres which weren't puncture-resistant. In fact their puncture-resistantness was so that they were both dead flat. There's a certain element of human out our way which thinks it funny to smash beer bottles at the side of the road; we spend much of our rides weaving through and around broken glass, which is how both his tyres got punctured.
But, back at the bike shop...t'other half didn't tell chappy at the bike shop to change the tubes as well.
So now he has beautiful new Schwalbe Marathons.
And they're flat.
He's OK with fixing front tyre punctures but doesn't like messing around with hubs and rear wheels. Nonetheless he'll have to unless he wants to stop in the middle of long rides and pump the tyres up.
Men. You gotta love 'em but sometimes they just don't think -!

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