Monday, October 12, 2009

the mortgage minefield

Earlier this year my husband and I bought an investment property from within our superannuation funds on the advise of a financial planner. Given the global financial crisis etc, it seemed the best type of investment and I still believe that. The GFC hasn't hit Australia as hard as it has other places and the housing market here is still pretty strong. The property we bought is in an outer suburb of Melbourne and is being built at the moment.
All was going well... but now we've received conflicting letters from the builders as to what we should be paying to whom. It's a minefield and t'tother half is groaning over a spreadsheet as I type. So much $ for the land, so much for the building construction, so much for the land transfer fees, so much for the deposit.... and suddenly it doesn't compute. We're about $20000 out of kilter. I'm not mathematically inclined at all so I'm trying to be supportive whilst nursing a mild hangover (friend's birthday yesterday.... too much red wine). I'm not much help I confess.
So now it's emails to all concerned (the bank, the builders etc) with the hope that one of these knowledgeable folk can set us straight and make the figures look like the ones we originally signed off on.
Hmm, as if Monday mornings aren't awful enough-!

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