Saturday, October 24, 2009

Marathons get the thumbs-up

The sky was brilliant blue in spring sunshine today - a great morning to head to Sydney Olympic Park with our bikes. It was a tossup for me: I longed to take Penelope as I thoroughly enjoyed riding her there last time and she gets me fitter, but I did want to try out Petunia's new tyres, so the Mixte got put on the bike rack this time.

The Scwalbes are excellent - I had suspected they would be. They are replacing the original tyres that Petunia had when she was new 25 years ago. Realistically any tyre would be an improvement one would think, but the Marathons are great. Very quiet, very grippy. Sydney Olympic Park is mainly paved bike tracks but there are some clay/gravel tracks there too which we tried out. I felt more confident riding on the dirt tracks with the new tyres :-). They feel much more stable. They are currently inflated to 80 psi but as they can take more I'll put them up to 85 for my next ride and see how that feels.

As usual I had the camera but was so busy riding I didn't think to stop for pics. D'Oh!


  1. You know what psi your tyres are inflated to, impressive : ) Glad the Marathons are working out for you; curious about this Olympic Park (never been to Australia)? Hopefully the fenders will work out!

  2. More info on Sydney Olympic Park can be found here. 35km (ish) of bike tracks and onroad bike lanes. All pretty gentle stuff, a few little hills. The trick is timing it so everybody else isn't there too. It's super popular at weekends and bikes outnumber cars in the area 7 to 1 it seems. There's a gorgeous ride by the river for part of it, a track along wetlands and a bird sanctuary, and you can ride through the Olympic Park area itself, around the stadiums etc.