Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A bit of Pashley info

I came across this article in the UK Independent during a little search to find out more about when the Pashley Princess was designed and put into production. In a nutshell, nobody at Pashley seems to know :-)! But the article is lovely... makes you want to sit down with a nice cup of tea, a digestive biscuit, and hum "Rule Brittania".

And I'd like to think that this chap - or someone very like him - was responsible for turning Penelope from tubes of steel into a masterpiece.


  1. Thanks for posting this; it is an interesting article. I had spoken to someone in charge of Pashley over the phone back when I was trying to decide between it and another brand. I had some questions, and the manner in which this person answered those questions impressed me very much. Pashley is a good, honest company with a quality product.

  2. I like it that it's a small factory and many of the workers there have been there for a long time. Each knows each other's job to fill in if necessary. And they are all passionate - or Pashionate - about the company. It's like a comforting step back in time, when quality manufacturing techniques and a pride in workmanship truly counted for something, and in their case it still does these days. Next time I visit the UK I'm going to try and get a visit in there... pull the Pashley-owning Tourist Cord and see if management will let me visit. So you actually rang the factory from the US? That's real commitment... I only emailed! :-)