Thursday, April 12, 2018

When your hair defines you. Or shaving your head does.

I was wandering around YouTube this week looking for hairstyles for fine hair, like mine. Mind is currently just longer than chin length and I'm contemplating going for a pixie again. But I digress. Somehow I wound up watching a video by a young woman who had gorgeous long hair (the kind of hair a saddo fine-haired person like me lusts over). YouTube can lead you in directions you had no original intent of following!

This young woman lamented she was mainly known as The Girl With The Very Long Hair among her peers. It was as if nobody tried to find out more about her as a person; her hair defined her.

So she shaved her head.

Her hair had been down to her backside. Brave girl. And she rocked the stubble look when it was done, she was gorgeous. But one thing was missing from the video. What did people say about her afterwards? Did they mention her personality when talking about her? Her likes and dislikes? What she laughed at, what she despised? Was she still defined by her hair - or rather, lack of it?

It led me to draw this little story.  And no, her name is not Freya. I plucked that out of the ether.

Freya shaved her head

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