Friday, April 23, 2010

The lure of the glossy weekly

I don't buy women's magazines, in general. I used to buy New Woman years ago, and if it looks interesting enough this month I'll buy Marie Claire. When I'm at the hairdresser's I'll indulge in the irresistible awfulness of the weeklies, New Idea and Woman's Day, with their stories about soap stars (I don't watch soaps either) and international celebs.

This week, however, I forked out for Grazia, a relatively new weekly with an emphasis on fashion and, natch, the celebs who wear it. It's not something I'd buy as most of the featured fashions are aimed at someone younger, thinner and certainly richer than I :-). Someone who can actually wear heels without knee pain. But this week my stepdaughter had a letter published in it, and a very fine letter it was, too, encouraging readers to be happy to be their age and not try and act or dress like 16 year olds when they're 30 or over. Embrace who you are, she said, and be a 'real' woman not a pseudo-teen. So of course I had to buy a copy for posterity.

If I was my stepdaughter's age I'd probably like to read this on a regular basis too. For a weekly the editorial, layout and paper quality is pretty good. But oh dear, am I out of touch with the gossip world. CAM DOUBLE DATES, screamed a headline on the cover, A-ROD VS JT. I decoded Cam as Cameron Diaz (there was a helpful photo) and correctly guessed JT was Justin Timberlake, but had to read to find out about A-Rod. Seems all the celebs now are known by their first name only (and if you don't know who Heidi is, or Kate, or Milla, then heaven help you. If you do know who Paris is... well, there's no escaping that particularly vacuous woman); alternately, their names are initials - SJP or J-Lo anyone? - or if they are a couple, an awful amalgamation of both names, viz. Brangelina. Takes up less space on the page than Brad & Angelina I guess.

I'm finding these nomenclature abbreviations increasingly annoying. Unless you're a celeb follower they can be downright confusing. They do have an amusing side, though. Our prime minister is jokingly called K-Rudd by the media. My husband and I simply call him Krudd. Bugger the hyphen.
But back to Grazia. Single-named celebs and n0t-me clothing notwithstanding, it's an alluring read. Would I buy it again? I just might; it's nicely packaged enough and has enough interesting articles to keep me entertained on a train to the city.

Oh, and thigh-high stiletto boots are still in. Just in case you were wondering.


  1. Stilettos are interesting the way a root-canal is intereting-as long as I am not the one personally involved. My knees hurt in anything but flats (and it has been that way since I was in my '20s.)
    Krudd cracked me up!
    thank you for the giggle

  2. I cannot imagine myself wearing those stilletos. It makes a woman looks sexier but it also depends on how well she is able to carry it. Congratulations on your stepdaughter's article. I am sure you are a good mother in a blending family.

  3. I know some women who have worn high heels for so many years that their calf muscles scream for mercy if and when they wear flat shoes. That's not particularly healthy in my book. I long to be able to wear high heels, even if just for a party; but I do pay the price afterwards with my knees!

  4. And Gladys, my stepdaughter is a pleasure to be related to. She is a forthright young woman who is now bringing up a baby of her own. I've only been her stepmother for 3 years (yesterday was our anniversary) and it's been a joyous journey.

  5. Thank God I can still wear my many pairs of thigh-high stilettos while cycling this season. You know - so comfy that I indulged in one of every colour.

  6. Velouria, don't you find it hard to bend your knees to cycle in your thigh-high boots? ;-)