Friday, April 9, 2010

Autumnal bliss

OK, the trees haven't started to really change colour yet, but a magical seasonal thing happened over the Easter break.

It got cooler. Just like that.

The heat and humidity that has plagued us since December vanished, leaving sunshine that was warm but not hot, and nights that suddenly we can sleep through - even occasionally needing another blanket. The winter duvet isn't far away. We haven't had to have the aircon on to cool us down. We suddenly need light sweaters in the evenings.

All this delightful coolth means we are waking refreshed and bright-eyed and eager to get out of bed and walk or cycle before breakfast. This week it's been walking for the most part with our dog, who needs the exercise too. The heavy dew on the grass creeps into our trainers, soaking our socks with chilly water. Rosie the spaniel is soaked to the skin halfway up her sides after only ten minutes; she loves to nose through longer grass in the parks, and chases her ball with the delight and dedication of a retriever.

We've had the bikes out, too - I think I'll go for a ride later today, even if T'Other Half isn't up to it. He makes rather a big deal out of any kind of exercise, even if he's doing it regularly. The Birman Boycat and I exchange knowing glances when T'Other Half starts rabbiting on about his calf muscles or thigh muscles or how he should only jog instead of walk every second day. The jogging, by the way, consists of a 200 metre trot down a mild hill, and another 200 metres on the flat in the middle of our brisk walk. You'd think it was a ten mile gallop the way he bangs on about it. The animals and I hear a lot about the muscles after a jog :-). Not that I can talk, my jogs are about the same; my damaged knees scream in protest if I jog for long on the footpath, so I keep any running to the soft turf in the park. Thankfully cycling is much kinder to my knees.

So while now might be the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, it's also the season of cycling - we are planning rides for the next few weekends: Richmond, Olympic Park, along the Parramatta Riverbanks. Weekdays we'll be alternating walking and cycling before breakfast. It doesn't get any more perfect that this.

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