Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How can you put on 2kg overnight???

I'm trying to lose weight. Erm, I'm ALWAYS trying to lose weight! The last couple of weeks I've ridden the bike more, and tried very hard to resist temptations. Few biscuits have passed my lips. I weighed myself yesterday morning and was pleasantly surprised to find I was 2kg lighter than last Tuesday.

But last night we went to the House of Diet Doom. Friends invited us over and for whatever reason I'm always a kg heavier after having dinner at their place. Perhaps it's because they serve it rather late and put crisps on the table to tide everyone over until dinner is ready. I can't resist crisps. I wish they'd put salt and vinegar crisps out as I hate salt and vinegar. So crisps, home made lasagne, then a little ice cream with berries. Thank God for the green salad. I think I was the only one who ate some though.

So I weighed myself this morning. 2kg heavier.That's seriously annoying as I had quite an active day yesterday, helping a friend at a trade show, doing grocery shopping etc.

2kg. Some birthday present :-(.


  1. In my own experience, it takes a while for the momentum of weight loss to build up. At the beginning, the weight often fluctuates weirdly - overreacting to singular heavy meals or not responding to days of dieting and exercise. The key is to ignore it and keep going for 2-3 weeks of continuous calorie reduction + exercise. I would even say that it's best to put the scale away until then, so as not to be led off course by discouraging results.

  2. Hi Filigree,
    Thanks for your comment! I think it's age-related and metabolism-related too. In my 20s I could eat anything and not put on an ounce. When I hit my mid 30s I'd put on a kilo or two after a night out and it'd take a couple of days to disappear. When you get used to eating less (and Greg and I have smaller meals these days) having a three course meal has quite an effect for a bit. We're both determined to keep the exercise up though as we have sedentary jobs and need to keep our metabolism moving.