Monday, November 7, 2011

What is it with blokes and drawers?

Aha, if you were thinking the Victorian connotation of drawers - items of ladies' underwear - you'd be wrong. Although in that context the title of this post makes sense. Blokes are generally interested into getting into ladies' drawers!
But in this case, I have a bloke who gets into my drawers and doesn't close them properly. (The chest-of-drawers, cutlery-drawer, bathroom-cabinet-drawer type of drawer, that is.)
And it bugs me.
Drawers left a centimetre or two open look untidy; how hard can it be to push a drawer firmly shut? I'm forever shutting the bathroom drawers and the bottom drawer on my dressing table which I've donated to T'Other to store his socks and jocks in.
The worst culprit is the gorgeous big old antique chest of drawers T'Other brought to the household with him. The drawers are heavy and unlike modern drawers don't slide on rails. You have to lift and push. I can always tell when he's opened a drawer in the antique tallboy to look for something as it's never shut properly afterwards. The heavier, bigger drawers in the cabinet need the help of a knee to close. It's usually my knee. He just leaves them open a bit.
I've mentioned it once or twice but don't want to sound like a petty nagger. There are more, far more, important things in life than drawers left untidily ajar.
But it still irks me. How hard can it be to push a drawer closed?

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