Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Enforced rose-smelling

The insane busyness has taken its toll - not on me but on my trusty electronic best friend, my MacBook Pro. The poor little thing has had a major conniption and now won't turn on. It 'hangs' on the startup Apple logo, as if it's afraid to go any further. The fab Apple support line has been brilliant in trying to help me get the little fella going again, but to no avail. So he's booked into the Apple doctor tomorrow.
Meanwhile I'm using my husband's tiny 8 year old PowerBook G4, which can't run Snow Leopard or the newest version of Safari, and which doesn't have Adobe Creative Suite installed. In many ways this has stopped me working. Yeah, I've got Office, but most of my work these days requires the CS and access to modern web browsers.
Surprisingly, I'm not stressed. I should be screaming about the workload mounting up and panicking that my Mac will have something horribly, terribly, fatally wrong with it and it won't get fixed in one afternoon (as Apple is promising me). I should be waking up through the night in a blue funk. These are my normal responses to computer-generated problems. But somehow I've accepted calmly that for the moment I'm buggered, and I'll have to take it slowly workwise until the Mac gets fixed.
My clients have been great about it and haven't pointed out that it's a bit unprofessional to only have one machine loaded with my necessary software. I guess being small business owners themselves they're aware of the cost of multiple licences for software. Aside from which the G4 probably can't run Adobe CS :-).
So it's a sunny winter's day, I still have one rose in bloom in the garden, which I've had the opportunity to admire and sniff appreciatively; now I think I'll go for a ride on one of the bikes. I suspect nature has been telling me to take a deep breath for quite a while.


  1. Hey, cool!. I just noticed we are using the same background. Great minds DO think alike. ;)

  2. And I hope your Mac comes home soon.

  3. Cool background eh? :-) Must be all these blogs about classic bikes on blogspot - got the background designers thinking!