Monday, January 11, 2010

One person's trash and all that

My mum has lived for 50 years in a suburb which over the last 35 years has been 'discovered' and is now home to people with more money than taste (or sense). This is evident by some of the bloody awful monstrosities they build. Also by what they throw out. It's household clean-up time, when you put your unwanted goods on the footpath and the Council truck comes around and collects them for landfill. There are ripe pickings to be had for the quick and eagle-eyed, as people in that part of town throw out stuff which is perfectly serviceable.

I don't know whether they can't be bothered taking things to a charity shop, whether they don't want to be seen in a charity shop, or have an air of "If I don't want it I don't want anyone else to have it". But I've always been able to pick up something useful around the area. Once it was a cane shelf set that now houses my DVDs. Once it was a tumble drier, identical to Mum's which had just broken. Nowt wrong with it; the owner was chucking it as she was moving to a place that already had one. THAT was whisked into my husband's car with aclarity and replaced Mum's busted one. I've picked up a brand new cat cage for my stepdaughter, an as-new golf bag (I don't play, but gave it to a charity shop for someone who might) and more terracotta pots and garden stuff than you could poke a stick at. I've forgotten about most of the stuff I've picked up, but it's all been in working order.

This year's haul has just started. Yesterday I rescued a rug from the neighbours opposite Mum. It's big, it's cobalt blue and I doubt it has been used as there isn't a mark on it. Its brand indicates they paid at least $200 for it. Just perfect for the downstairs 'rumpus room' at Mum's which has walls in a similar hue but a lighter shade. Doesn't suit the colours at our place.

The neighbours next to them are moving, and I suspect their chuck-outs have only just begun. From their pile I picked up this painting:

Original, unsigned, and not one I'd hang on my walls even if I had room to be honest, but look! It's in a frame, undamaged. No foxing on the mount, the wire at the back is excellent. It's going to my local charity shop. What a waste throwing it out! Someone will want it and be happy to hang it. The painting itself is about 10" x 8" plus the mount which is about 3" all round.

And for me, a splendid bit of kitsch. A cast iron doorstop in the shape of a dachshund painted with folk art touches. Gilding on the ears, a pink bow and, poor dog, flowers growing on its tail. Not, to be honest, what I'd choose myself for a doorstop, but again too good to go to waste, and we do need a doorstop for our front door on those breezy days. Any ideas for naming this little chap? Given his flowery nature and his Teutonic ancestors Fwitz springs to mind.

I wonder what else I'll find in the next ten days? Stay tuned...

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  1. We frequently are finding stuff on 'garbage eve' and putting it to good use, so I am happy to see other people saving things from the landfill.
    And for some reason,in Germany, weiner dogs are frequently called Wastle. I can't imagine why