Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Loop frame bike in "Lilies"

My bikes are still off limits to me; I saw my doctor earlier this week who told me my inner ears were a lovely scarlet colour, put me on antibiotics and told me to spend the next few days at home preferably lying around doing not much at all. So I can't post about interesting rides I've done, or how nice it is to be out on two wheels on a summer's evening.

At the moment one of our TV stations is showing a BBC series called "Lilies", set in Liverpool, England soon after WWI. Essentially it's the story of three sisters in a struggling household. One of them, Ruby, has been filling in for the postman while he's been at war, and uses her postie cycle to go to swimming training - see her in action on the bike on YouTube (about 1 minute into the series and then again riding down the corridor in the post office about a minute later). It's a vintage men's bicycle, and she's bitter when the postie returns and gets his job and bike back.

She then applies for a job selling corsetry; she's less than impressed with the woman interviewing her and almost turns the job down until she discovers it includes a bicycle. The bike in question is a black vintage loop frame single speed bike with (I think) rod brakes and a front basket, and cream/white coat guard. Ruby rides it confidently in her long skirts and louis heeled shoes and boots. It was shown a bit in the first episode but has been absent since. You can find it here on YouTube - at about 4mins 20secs in this clip. Maybe some eagle eyed person out there can identify the make of the bike; I certainly have no idea!

The postie bike got some airtime in this week's episode with the postie giving Ruby's sister May a ride on the front rack; May sat sidesaddle and I was impressed by the ability of the rack to take her weight and the stability of the bike. I suspect, as the panning was careful not to show the postie's face when they rode off, a stunt rider was involved.

Hmm... take it easy, the doc said. YouTube beckons I reckon!


  1. Oh, at first I thought you were talking about the French film The Water Lilies, which I saw recently. It shows two girls riding a bike together in one of the first scenes, though not a loop frame. The Water Lilies was an all right film, but not phenomenal. I'll have a look at the English, non-water Lilies.

  2. That looks like a very interesting show. I'll have to investigate further. Thank-you