Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meet "Shit, the Comical Cowpat"

Many eons ago, when I was in my first job, thumping away hatefully at a typewriter, I created a little diversion for myself when I really had the shits with my job. It's a long story as to why someone who hates copy typing got a job as a typist… but I'll digress if I go there.

Anyway, my diversion was drawing and doodling. I had a cartoon racehorse I drew as a teenager, and drew a few strips of him at first. From this equine friend and his world came a new character...

Meet Shit, the Comical Cowpat.
Why a cow turd, of all things? Well, why the hell not? Nobody else was or is, as far as I know, drawing a cartoon strip with a cow turd hero. He's easy to draw, and you can come up with a million puns on the subject. Aside from which I've always had an advanced sense of toilet humour.

The original drawings of Shit were of course hand drawn, but I've amused myself recreating one on my trusty Wacom tablet as it looks neater than the original. My handwriting, at the time I drew the original strips, was quite untidy as often I had the shits with the job when I drew it - Shit for the shits - and it shows.

The Shit strip had a deliberately old-fashioned masthead, which I've kept too.

So why have I drawn a Shit strip today? Because I've got the shits with the job, of course! Too many people wanting a piece of me today. Too many emails, too many phone calls, too many call waitings while I'm already on the phone to another. It's time for Shit to make a comeback.

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