Monday, December 2, 2013

Eye di mi!

Well this is a nice kettle of fish. I have a hyphema - bleeding - in my left eye. There's a little dollop of blood in front of the iris. I can't see much out of it either.

The not seeing much is old news; I was born with a faulty left eye, it's a long oval shape rather than round, and I've never been able to read a word with it. But even so, the sight in my left eye has deteriorated over the last weeks. I'm not seeing 50 shades of grey, I'm just seeing one.

Thankfully my ophthalmologist, whom I haven't seen for several years as she's expensive and I don't have much cash flow, had a cancellation this morning so I was able to see her.

Despite a couple of rounds of dilating drops in my eye, and the brightest of lights, she couldn't see through to the back of my eye. So who knows what is lurking there. A detaching retina? I have retina damage and suspect I was born with it. Hopefully not a tumour; that's my worst fear.

I'm now on eye drops to help inflammation and hopefully stop the little beads of blood, and have to go for an ultrasound on my eye on the 18th of this month. Her receptionist tried to book me in sooner but the professor my doc would like me to see is away next week.

Shitting myself? You bet.


  1. This sounds very frightening mate! Is the 18th soon enough??? I guess if the doc is being picky about who you see she must think the waiting won't damage the eye (I'm sure it will play havoc with your anxiety!) Keep me informed I hope this comes out ok!

    1. Thanks, Displaced. The eye doc thinks the 18th will be OK. She's determined that I see this particular professor. At least my 'good' eye is perfectly healthy. One of my biggest fears in life is going blind as I'm such a visual person.

  2. Update: I am now seeing the ultrasound professor on the 10th, not the 18th. That's a relief.

  3. Postscript. After three hours of tests, the doc can't find anything wrong with my eye save that there is a broken blood vessel somewhere in it. My eye has so much blood in it that the broken vessel can't be identified. It could be as a result of retina damage I've had since a child. I have to go back in six weeks for another ultrasound. At least I don't have a detached retina or a tumour. Phew.