Friday, June 15, 2012

If you like a ukulele lady....

There. I got my grouch about Whingy out of the way a couple of hours ago. Onto more positive stuff.

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed a reference to a ukulele in the previous post, and yes! we have no mean yes! I have bought a ukulele.

Now I have never played a stringed instrument in my life (but did play the drums for a few heady years). I come from a family of gloriously tone-deaf people and hearing us all singing in the car when I was a child (we didn't have a car radio) had to be heard to be believed. Mum, my grandparents and I all singing in the key of Z.

So me getting hold of something that has to be tuned is a worry, isn't it? Not at all, dear reader. I forked out $20 for an electronic tuner and the little uke is spot on. I'm even learning to hear for myself whether it's in tune.

But ah, the little black dots! Those chord charts. Thank heavens for the internet as a) you can buy your uke online as I did and b) there is a wealth of lessons and resources for aspiring ukologists.

Having had the wee thing for nearly three weeks I can now play:

  • When I'm Cleaning Windows
  • Darktown Strutters Ball (if you know the TMG version imagine it on a little soprano uke... hee hee!)
  • Don't Bring Lulu
I have almost learned them all by heart but have to cheat and look at the charts occasionally.

I have a hankering to learn some of the 1920s songs my grandmother taught me when I was little - hence Don't Bring Lulu. I think the ukulele lends itself to quirky fun music. 

Now I spend about an hour an evening strumming away, more when G is away. It's a good replacement for the drums - and doesn't annoy the neighbours nearly as much!

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