Monday, July 4, 2011

First, an update on the Raleigh

My little Raleigh now wears my Brooks saddle, Brooks grips and a rather nice front basket I picked up in a second-hand/antiques/vintage shop.

I've tried to adjust her derailleur - for now - with limited success. At the moment she's a two-speed. She has low gear in low range, and low gear in high range :-). I could take her to the bike shop for a proper going-over but I suspect her chain needs replacing; it seems pretty worn and loose.

I haven't been able to have the Shimano gearset installed and rear wheel rebuilt as I haven't sold Petunia yet and therefore don't have the money to do it. Yes, I have a credit card but I hate using it on items I may not be able to pay off within a month. It's already built up to an alarming total over the last year. More about that later.

Petunia is almost ready to go onto eBay. She's wearing the Raleigh's rather awful 'comfort' saddle - singularly misnamed I must say - and the black plastic grips that came with Penelope. The last thing I have to do it put cable ties around her gear/brake cables. Not having any when I first got her I used clear packaging tape, which probably isn't a long-term solution!

Part of me has held off selling her as she's so lovely, it's just a shame she's a bit too big for me.

I'm hoping to have Petunia sold in the next month though and the little Raleigh, Phryne, ready for early spring adventures.
I'm also on the hunt for a good-looking chainwheel cover for her. I've been watching eBay and nothing nice or suitable has come up. I have rather fallen in love with this one but shudder to think what shipping would cost even if I could afford to buy the thing itself:

Stunning, isn't it?

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